Webcam Duo Masturbation, a true confession…

Chatting and masturbating toguether

Chatting and masturbating toguether

I found this gem, and want to share it with you, I wish I could find someone someday to experiment the same……

As most of you should know, I’m a huge fan of masturbation (just checking out the site in my signature will confirm that – I built it)

I do it anytime I can.

And, in fact, just recently have been doing it quite a lot… with someone I know online….

Up until now I’ve kept quite about this (other than a few hints here and there), but now, we’ve both decided we want to make it official. (because, well, we’re both bored, and well, we quite like the idea of more people joining us.)

Now let me make something very clear here, it’s not like we’re in love or anything. We do like each other a lot as friends, but that’s as far as it goes – FRIENDS. You could say that we’re ‘friends with benefits’, or ‘fuck-buddies’ (or would be if we loved close enough together).

Now I have done it with other people, but so far this person is the only one to give me a return show. Anyway, the mystery person that I’ve been masturbating online with is:

<<<Name removed at request of poster>>>

We’ve been doing it for around 3 weeks now, at a guess. It started with her showing me her feet on her webcam to help me get an erection for the penis thread. She didn’t join in at that time, didn’t even watch me do it, but after I needed a ‘release’ later that day, she gave me another foot-show, while watching me on my cam.

We did it a few more times (me watching her feet), until a week later when her roomie was out, and she finally had the chance to join in. DAMN that was hot. The sight of her lying back on her bed, legs open, finger going like a jackhammer… I cum harder and faster than a sperm whale.

Since then, we’ve got the perfect set-up, almost every time her roomie leaves, we set-up an audio and webcam link, and masturbate together.. it’s actually lots of fun, and gets us both very horny.

So anyway, that’s our story. Like I said, we’re interested in more people joining us. Male or female, we don’t mind, as long as you have a webcam and slutroulette, we’re game.

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    Real People, real masturbation session, AHH-Wououou !

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